The seven ingredients of the secret sauce to become a world-class content marketer.

When it comes to content marketing, it is almost impossible not to have heard the name of Red Bull. Newsletters, conferences, case studies, books...

All this hype has generated different attitudes in corporate executives and marketers. In the last couple of years, I´ve myself heard statements like that:

"In the next twelve months, we will become the Red Bull of our industry" (This was a CEO at a press conference)

"Can you make us look like Red Bull?" (This was a CMO talking to the Creative Director of creative agency)

"Red Bull? Beautiful, great, unreachable, thus not applicable at all to our business. The way they do content marketing is too distant from our clients. There is nothing we can do about that." (This was the Creative Director of a renowned German digital agency).

The truth - as usual - lies in the middle, as I have discovered in my own experience. So, I have put together a rough review of some few lessons that you can take to your business.

These basic lessons learned do not need you to be a big brand or have a big pocket, nor to be B2C. I called them the "Seven Ingredients of the Not-so-secret-sauce of a World-Class Content Marketer".

They want to challenge you to assess the way you do content marketing and find out where to work more, or different. Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts about.

Valentina Giannella