Design Thinking: Principles, Mindsets, Methods

Design Thinking is often understood as a (design) process, but the underlying principles, mindsets and working attitudes are what make DT so effective in creatively solving any kind of problems, not only product-related. 

If you step back from the process itself and consider these principles, mindsets and attitudes, you´ll see also how wide can be the application of Design Thinking can be in your own job. 

In my case, for instance, it is about better understanding audiences and creating relevant, impactful, innovative content, media and messages... 

This is a good and comprehensive table describing the principles, mindsets and attitudes of design thinking. Be inspired ! 

(Representation by Samuel Tschepe, based on Hassi & Laakso, 2011 and Carlgren et al., 2016 - cit. Samuel Tschepe)