Every brand has stories to tell, like every person.

Scientists know that: we are hardwired for stories. We need to tell stories to convince, delight, impress, convert and move people to take action. That has not changed since humans invented language. However, the way we communicate changed a lot.

My focus as a digital brand marketer, with professional roots in the media industry and since ever at the intersection between digital technologies and content, is to create the right conduit between brands and consumers, publishers and audiences in the ever-changing, cluttered, noisy world of digital.


In all what I do - managing digital brand communications, performance marketing, corporate publishing, brand building programs across owned, earned, social and paid media - I start from the audiences and choose the best channels, content and stories to develop long-lasting, meaningful and valuable relationships.

Last but not least, I am a firm believer in honest brands. Between using content to help or to play the hype, I always choose the first. Between using stories to hide the truth or tell stories to show how things really are, I still prefer the second.

My professional history, in a nutshell.

I held managerial roles in media businesses like the Mediaset TV Group and leadership roles at major B2C brands like Red Bull Media House. Later, I have experienced B2B tech marketing.

I have lived in Italy, Austria, Germany. I love Europe, and I like to work with people from all over the world. I had great jobs, but also less than great experiences. I have some success stories to tell, but also some failures and I learned a lot from them.

I have developed, run and optimised content marketing execution machines: I have created small-to-big brand newsrooms, hired the right talent, developed year after year an extensive network of professionals worldwide.

I have planned and executed SEM and social ad campaigns. I have developed audiences for 10+ Mio visitors a month and converted some of them into subscribers and loyal customers.

Also, I put my hands on the tools. After all, I used to be a product manager: if you need someone with her hands on web analytics, CRM, marketing automation tools and managing social media, here I am.

Connect with me.

To know more about my professional history connect with me on Linkedin. To know more about me, invite me to drink a coffee with you somewhere in Europe, or to have a web chat.

Skill map and specialties.


Content marketing

Content strategy and content design for owned, paid, earned media.

Setup and rollout of brand newsroom and content networks at global level.

Digital analytics: content and audience intelligence, performance marketing. 

B2B content marketing including sales collaterals and email marketing

SEO content and SEA implementation.

Content management

Set-up content operations and workflows.

Content commissioning and content creative network management.

Web and Enterprise CMS
Digital Asset Management. 

Standards, guidelines and KPIs for content managers.

Localization strategy and workflows, including templates and quality assurance. 

Agency management at global scale. Marketing automation and content marketing platform management.


Brand experience

Brand value proposition, brand narrative and messaging framework. 

Brand touchpoint mapping around customer and buyer journey.

Brand guidelines and brand identity. Brand digital center and brand governance workflows. 

Brand Audit and Brand Equity KPIs.